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MMA is a plastic-style organic polymer, created in labs, and used in a range of applications where resinous substances are used.  When applied to a concrete floor, MMA creates a single seamless edge-to-edge surface which can adapt to the topography of any room.

MMA is somewhat more expensive than other resinous flooring materials, such as epoxy – but it also has unique benefits that make it the perfect choice in some situations.


  • Chemical Resistance

  • High Durability

  • Easily Cleaned

  • Environmentally Friendly


  • Food and Beverage Processing Facilities

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Chemical Industry Facilities

  • Healthcare

More about MMA Flooring

The quick cure time allows for  faster installation and job completion. This is a win-win situation as it reduces down time for the facility and enables the flooring contractor to complete more projects.

MMA resinous flooring systems are beneficial in many ways. Offering excellent chemical resistance, superior abrasion resistance, and UV stability, MMA flooring systems are ideal in many markets — both indoors and outdoors.

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