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Yes, you can achieve that luxurious richness that you want for your flooring!  At Elite Garage NE®,  we're experts in the art of acid staining and etching that beautiful pattern that you want.  As a matter of fact, creating an amazing style just for you gives our flooring technicians great on-the-job satisfaction!


An acid stained floor is, in fact, a truly custom-made floor that is designed and built according to the designer’s and customer’s requirements. Acid stained floors are created using carefully selected acids, derived from metallic salt compounds, which penetrate into the concrete and react with the free lime, chemically changing the color to produce unique and permanent variegated effects. Ideal Stains create variable, contrasting or translucent effects that are very similar to the nuances of natural stone or the aged appearance of a weather worn coating. The result is unique for each surface and cannot be duplicated with other dyeing materials. Concrete loses its banal appearance and takes on a rich and natural beauty.


Surface Prep + Cleaning

Depending on the project, we prep the project surface using one of our surface prep processes. Clean surfaces are required to begin!

Etch the Surface

This step opens the pores of the concrete to allow the stain to get down into the surface.

Apply Acid Stain

We get our hands dirty with product... mixing, spreading, leveling, etc.

Let the acid work!

Our technique will ensure your get the PERFECT floor -- we'll seal it up and your new floor is complete!

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